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Blogger of the month: Very Berry Lottie Posted on 01 Sep 13:43

We're so excited to welcome Lottie from Very Berry Lottie to the Naturally Sassy Food family as our first blogger of the month! Lottie is going to be sharing recipes and her snacking experience over on her oh-so-mouthwatering Instagram;  Very Berry Lottie and our blog! 

To introduce you to this wellness wonder-women we've asked Lottie some questions we've been dying to know......


What’s your name (and Instagram name)?

Hi! My Name is Lotta-Sofia Saahko, but I'm better known as Lottie, or Very Berry Lottie - the berries standing for my Finnish origin, my love for the nature and all the fresh fruit and berries, and I think the sweet yet sour taste of berries describe my personality very well too ;)


Where are you from?

I'm from Finland, the country of thousand lakes. I have lived all around the world though, Germany, China, Poland have been my previous homes and now I have been back to Finland since May.


How and why did you start blogging?

This is quite a funny story. Last summer my little sister complained about how old-fashioned I am as I wasn't using instagram yet. I told her that I had no idea what I should post there. She instructed me to take a picture of the smoothies we were just making, and that's how it all started. I used to post much more than just my food and still do sometimes, as I want to stay personal and not just come through as one big bowl of oatmeal, but back then I realised that people were most interested in my food pictures and recipes. Then when all people wanted my pancake and courgette soup recipesand I just couldn't cope with the amount of private messages on instagram anymore, I started my blog online. That's where I post my most popular recipes and that's where I collect my thoughts about sports, self love, the seasons, the nature, and everything else I love.


What’s your food philosophy?

This is a tricky one, because most people seem to think I am quite strict when it comes to eating. I definitely am not. My philosophy is that food is something that is there to be enjoyed and that should be loved. After having struggled with food for quite a time myself, I can now happily say that I am in a place, in which I can enjoy every bite I eat. As environmental friendliness and sustainability of my beloved forests and oceans are really important for me, have I developed a big love for regional and seasonal foods. Did you know that we have so many superfoods all around us, that we would't even need those from Asia, South America and where they all come from? And seriously, there is nothing better than fresh summer berries straight from the forest, or hot mushroom soup in autumn. Take what you get from close by and you'll do something good to yourself and the environment! That is also the reason why I'm sticking to a mainly vegan diet, but I'm not strict with that either. It makes me feel best, but I would never say no to some delicious salmon enjoyed right by the sea with my family!

Do you have any top tips for snacking on the go?

Snacking on the go is super important, because when I didn't do that before, I used to come home after a long day, accompanied by a huge angry monster call Hunger. And that monster made me binge on everything I had around, and he looooved unhealthy foods. Now I try to always keep some fruit, nuts or healthy vegan snack bars in my hand bag so that the monster won't show up, and I have learned to eat before leaving the house and before workouts, so I won't come home craving fries and pizza.


We have seen so many wonderful recipes of yours, where do you get your inspiration from?

Mostly my biggest inspiration comes from the markets and the seasons themselves. End of summer I see courgettes and then think of zoodles, in fall I will try to think of anything that I can create from the apples in my grandpa's garden. I get help from my instagram followers whom I often ask what they like to make of that one seasonal fruit or veg. Instagram is full of great ideas.


And biggest guilty pleasure?

Well, I try to never ever fell guilty after eating, because I think that all foods are made to be eaten. And if I crave something, then my body most probably needed it and I shouldn't feel bad about it. But banana bread might be the one thing that I'd call my guilty pleasure - but come on, who could stop her or himself if he had a big warm loaf of banana bread, peanut butter, banana slices and cinnamon in front of him!?


What are your main reasons for eating the veryberrylottie way?

I have found a way to eat that makes me feel good about myself and that it is doing something good to my body. When I cook for  myself, my foods are almost entirely vegan and plant-based, refined sugar free and gluten-free (I have an intolerance!). This way I can indulge, eat delicious foods, and don't need to weight myself or feel guilty. Plus, it's good for the environment. Check!


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I work out a lot! I run at least three times a week and go to the gym three times weekly. Besides eating it is the thing that makes me feel good about myself. Also I love reading and studying. Reading anything from fantasy to recipe books. 


Do you have any beauty essentials that you can’t live without?

Not really, to be honest. I'm quite lazy when it comes to beauty. Some lotion, some mascara and I'm done.


Is there anything exciting in the pipe line for everything veryberrylottie?

Yesssss, there is! I'm currently working on the design of my blog which I built up very quickly in the beginning and and now going further into, and then I want to thank my followers for being with me since one year with something big... stay tuned! 
Go over to Instagram, and follow Lottie for some more delicious creations. Look out for our snacks too!